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Alkozeron - General features and product details

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10 PCs./Pack.


Treatment of alcoholism

Capsules Alkozeron - Universal-quick-acting agents for the treatment of alcoholism. Is for men and for women. The application is safe for human health. Are allowed without a doctor's prescription, on an outpatient basis.

One of the advantages of the capsules - the natural composition. Active ingredients (extracts): kudzu root, milk Thistle, cornflower, thyme, St. John's wort.

Funds passed research and clinical studies. The overall results showed that capsules Alkozeron equally effective regardless of gender, race, and age group.

Please note. You Can Buy Capsules Original Alkozeron in Spain you can only through the official website of the manufacturer. Beware of counterfeits.

Agents for the treatment of alcoholism - areas of application Alkozeron:

  • You find it hard to unwind without alcohol
  • never want to be without a drink on the offer
  • drink in small amounts but daily
  • constantly cat are able to
  • not sleep, still can not drink.

Alcohol dependence can be the beginning stage, without any externally visible signs or running, and Chron. In any case, the income will be this means to be effective. Statistics around the world reported that in the high-risk area, every third in the age from 21 to 45 years. Unnoticed at first alcohol enters into the life under the pretext of. This can be chronic fatigue, saying goodbye to his wife or to the husband, the simple and fastest way to relax, have fun, drink... But with each passing day increases the urge to, and the consumption of alcohol is becoming more common, and more.

!!If you or someone in your family to drink every day, or addicted, to ensure that every weekend you can go only with the consumption of large quantities of alcohol, never-the offer may refuse to accept or to drink one's own Lust, in two or three day or even longer to drink, drink so much that the next day not remember what on the eve of the... - all these are signs of an alcohol addiction that requires treatment.

Instructions on how to Alkozeron - Dosage, Contra-Indications

how to take agent for the treatment of alcoholism Alkozeron

The agent is very simple capsule, you drink a glass of water (50-150 ml). Daily dosage in the treatment two capsules. One capsule in the morning and in the evening within 7-30 days. Rate of application is dependent on the severity of alcohol dependence.

Application Capsules Alkozeron approved for the prophylaxis after the successful completion of the therapy. Dosage - one capsule per day, the duration of intake for three months. Perhaps preventive repetition of the treatment after a 30-day break.

Contraindications are absent. Exception - individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy and lactation. Taking the capsules, in consultation with the attending physician in the presence of an acute temporary or chronic severe diseases.